About me

If you've been here before, you probably already know a little bit about me. I'm Carrie Cakeaway, an imaginary baker who likes to play cake bartender - crafting cakes and cupcakes to taste just like their namesake cocktails and mixed drinks. I try to stay true to form. For instance, my Margarita cupcake is a tequila-spiked cupcake filled with lime curd, topped with tangy tequila-lime cream cheese frosting, and even sprinkled with course sea salt to mimic the salted rim of a margarita glass. And my Manhattan cupcake has everything you'd expect in an actual Manhattan cocktail, from the bourbon to the vermouth, the maraschino cherry to the dash of bitters.

How is it possible to make actual cakes when I'm imaginary, you ask? Well, I have a bit of help. Meet my assitant, T. She's behind the baking and the decorating, and she's been elbow-deep in butter in sugar since she was in middle school. Inspired by her mom's famous rum bundt, she's continued to pursue this passion because it's fun and makes people happy. You might find that you're the most popular girl at the party when you come bearing cake - especially if it's a wee bit boozy ;)

Cheers, all! Please eat responsibly.