Sunday, October 18, 2009

A good ol' cup(cake) of joe

A steaming cup of coffee is a great way to jump start the day, keep those engines running through the afternoon, or melt into the evening with after dinner. Like my sweet-toothed assistant, I prefer mine with a generous helping of cream and sugar -- and I can't think of anything creamier or more sugary than a rich, generously frosted Mocha Cupcake.

My assistant's friend, Jalees, was in town for the weekend and wanted a batch of cupcakes to share with his traveling companions. He made a specific request for mocha cupcakes made with Kahlua -- a perfect way to keep him and his friends fueled through the grueling drive back to LA from San Francisco...and through all of the adventures along the way.

Well, here's what my assistant whipped up for her fellow foodie and beer connoisseur:
Mocha cupcakes made with cocoa, freshly brewed coffee, and Kahlua liqueur, topped with Kahlua buttercream. The third row of cupcakes (the ones topped with crushed Oreos) were frosted with Bailey's buttercream to add some variety to this mixed dozen.
Aromatic coffee, dark chocolate, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream? One cannot go wrong!
Thanks, Jalees, for your visit! Hope you and your friends enjoyed the cupcakes and had a fantastic road trip. My assistant would like to hear stories, thank you very much ;)

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Unknown said...

thanks for the delicious cupcakes!! they were a big hit! i even brought one home to my dad and he loved it! hope to see you soon