Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Baby on board

Today, I state the obvious -- babies are as cute as they are precious, and there's so much to adore about them:
  • Baby laughs -- don't you just melt when a baby laughs?
  • Toothless smiles -- probably the only instance in which toothlessness is adorable
  • The way they wrap their hands around your index finger and squeeze
  • How peaceful they look when they're sleeping
  • The unmistakable baby smell most potent at the top of their heads
The beauty of baby showers is that they foreshadow all these joys-to-come for the glowing mom-to-be. Candice graciously coordinated a baby shower for her coworker, Breda, who is expecting a baby boy. What better way to celebrate than with teddy bear cupcakes?
Two dozen rich chocolate cupcakes (to satisfy any chocolate cravings) with creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting tinted baby blue and topped with a sweet little Teddy Graham. (By the way, it's been too long since you've had a Teddy Graham. They're as good as you remember them to be, so go get a box, stat! Trust me -- I know these things).
Anyway, I digress. Congratulations, Breda, and thanks again, Candice for choosing me for this very special occasion!

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