Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello, first customer!

Woohoo! We made our first sale today! And by "we," I mean my assistant and I. She does everything from meticulous ingredient-measuring and cake-baking to careful packaging and friendly delivery. What do I do, you ask? Well, only the first and most important part of the process (hm, modesty never was a strength of mine): I come up with the creative cake concepts and recipes. Hey, cut me some slack! I am imaginary, after all...

So my first customer wanted a cake and gave no specific instruction other than that it taste good--wait, scratch that--great. The information I had to work with was that he:
a. loves cinnamon buns and
b. drinks a lot of coffee

That was all the information I needed to conclude that the following would be the perfect cake for him:

Presenting, the Sock-It-to-Me Cake!

And sock it to him I did! A moist yellow cake with a thick ribbon of cinnamon brown sugar swirled through the center, a light drizzle of vanilla icing, and a sprinkle of toasty chopped walnuts, the Sock-It-to-Me is a perfect companion to a hot cup of coffee. What a way to ease into a lazy weekend morning or kick start a busy day at work.

Let's see this from a bird's-eye view, shall we?

Now that's something I (wish I) could sink my teeth into! Yum. Oh, but I wouldn't--and don't worry, customer number one, I didn't!--because, you know, it wouldn't be professional. This is a business, after all ;)

Cheers to a delicious start.

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