Sunday, January 11, 2009


for sale number two!

I received a request for something rich and chocolatey. Rich and chocolatey I can do!

My assistant (who's still too shy to be named and too proud to be called by a faux name) met our second customer in the bustling downtown area of San Francisco by the Powell BART station. That's what I call dealing cake in the city. I mean, I'd totally go out and do it if I, you know, wasn't an intangible figment of some twenty-something baker's imagination and all ;)

So I get to do the fun stuff! And today, the fun stuff included concocting something (almost) heartstoppingly rich and (indeed) sinfully chocolatey.

A rich chocolate fudge cake with a gooey sweet surprise: a butterscotch ribbon slinking straight through the middle. It's lightly drizzled with a milk chocolate glaze and sprinkled with chopped walnuts. In other words, it's a fudge brownie masquerading as a bundt cake and

Well, customer number two, I certainly hope you enjoy the cake and have a big glass of ice cold milk to wash it down with! And sorry in advance about ruining any New Year's resolutions.

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Navin said...

Dear Ms. Cakeaway,

I very much enjoyed reading your posts about the sock-it-to me cake and the heart stopping chocolate cake with a butterscotch ribbon running through it.

It so happens that I am making a road trip this coming weekend the 16th of January with some friends and I'd love to impress them with one of your imaginative cakes.

I understand that you have no idea who I am. However I have a rather suspicious feeling that you would have a good idea as to what sort of cake my friends and I would go nuts over.

Could you concoct something chocolatey for me and my friends this weekend? Pretty please with a dark chocolate obsession on top?

Yours truly,

Secret Cake Admirer (who just realized that posting this through blogger will give him/her away...oops)