Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Strawberry season...already?

Well, not quite. But with berries as juicy, sweet, and plump as these, no one has to know. What a way to let our minds and taste buds travel out of chilly February and into a sunshine- and strawberry-filled summer brimming with pies, tarts, ice cream sundaes, and daiquiris.

My assistant couldn't resist picking up a couple of pints of these ruby gems before whipping up two cakes--on the house--for two special birthdays.

For her Auntie Julie, we created a Strawberry Shortcake:
A moist butter cake layer generously slathered with french vanilla custard and fresh strawberry slices topped with a second layer of buttery yellow cake, more custard, and plump strawberry halves.
The lighting here really doesn't do the berries justice. Let's give this another try with Cake Number Two for her Uncle Soph, a Chocolate Pudding Cake with Strawberries:
Here we have two layers of dark chocolate cake infused with Jack Daniels and Grand Marnier, a filling of strawberry slices soaked overnight in Grand Marnier, and lots of rich chocolate pudding frosting topped with fresh strawberry slices for one perfectly moist and tasty cake.
Will you look at that? Finally, a photo that captures the beautiful ruby blush of the strawberries! Assistant, will you please work on your photography skills? K, thanks ;)

(Update: She says it was the lighting. I say, no excuses! And I am not high maintenance, thank you very much...)

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