Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mas margaritas, por favor!

I think it's safe to say that a refreshing margarita makes for a great happy hour at the end of a busy workday. Naturally, a refreshing margarita cupcake is a great way to bring happy hour into the workday, don't you agree? Bernadette did just that when she ordered a batch for her coworker's going-away party at the office after these festive little party starters caught her eye. She was introduced to Carrie Cakeaway through her husband, Brian, who coincidentally works with my assistant and sampled a couple of cupcakes at la Carrie at Robin's going-away party.
From zesting fresh limes to busting out the tequila (and maybe reserving a half shot for the baker), these cocktail cupcakes are a lot of fun to make. Like the original batch and tasting true to the classic margarita, these cupcakes feature a tequila-lime cupcake base and a zesty lime pastry cream filling -- all topped with tangy, lime-infused cream cheese frosting, a freshly cut lime wedge, a generous sprinkling of course sea salt (to capture the salt rim of a traditional margarita), and a little straw for one's viewing and sipping pleasure. Well, minus the sipping. Maybe.Thanks so much for your order, Bernadette and Brian! I hope these were a hit at the party -- or shall I say, fiesta :)

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