Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet and sassy cupcakes for some sweet and sassy dancers

Let's face it. Not all workouts are fun. A two-mile run? Groan. A half hour on the elliptical? Ehh... Pole dancing classes? Meh--wait, what? That's right, S Factor classes give students the opportunity to flaunt their inner vixens, build some serious upper body strength (have you seen some of the more intricate pole tricks?!), and let loose in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. No wonder Stefanie wanted to treat her classmates to a batch of cupcakes after one of the sessions!

And so she did, choosing a batch of (Almost) Mocha Mudslides to share as a post-workout treat.
Why the "(Almost)"? Well, these cupcakes packed some very strongly brewed coffee in the batter, but no Kahlua, so the coffee component of the mocha equation didn't shine through as potently as it does in my usual Mudslide cupcakes. Instead, the coffee in the batter worked its magic by intensifying the chocolate flavor of the super moist cake, creating a nice contrast against the silky Bailey's cream cheese frosting that rocked a mellow sweetness and a subtle tang. Yum!
Ladies, I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes! And thank you, Stef, for trusting me to whip up some sweet and sassy cupcakes for some even sweeter and sassier dancers ;)

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Unknown said...

I love this, Therese! Thank you so much for sharing with us--they were amazing! :)