Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's cuter than a cupcake?

A kid eating a cupcake. That's an easy one. Kids are the cutest. I don't know about my assistant though... If I had the chance to interview her when she was a wee three-year-old, here's what that would sound like:

Me: Hi there!
T: (focusedly coloring -- inside the lines, mind you) Hi.
Me: So, tell me something about yourself.
T: Okay.
Me: What's your favorite color?
T: Brown.
Me: What?
My favorite color is brown.
Me: Wait, brown?! Really? Why?
T: (finally looking up) Chocolate.

No joke. And while I'd say that her social skills have improved tremendously through adolescence and now adulthood, you can expect the same one-word responses and lack of eye contact when she's extremely focused on a task. Like baking in the kitchen. Like making these:

and these:
Last month, Brian requested two dozen cupcakes for his sweet little girl Isabelle's 3rd birthday party with only two specifications: that they feature strawberries and the color purple (Isabelle's favorite). My assistant rolled up her sleeves and carefully crafted two dozen vanilla cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting, some topped with pastel sugar sprinkles and others with fresh strawberry halves.

The result? A box of mixed-and-matched cupcakes with which to surprise and dazzle Isabelle's friends, family members, and teachers during her birthday party at school. Thanks, Brian! We hope Isabelle had a birthday celebration as sweet as she is!

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