Thursday, November 4, 2010

A slice a day...

...keeps the doctor away. If only! Can you imagine?

- Ah CHOO! Oh no, I think I'm catching a cold.
- All right, I'm going to prescribe some strawberry shortcake as a preventative measure.

- I can't see that sign over there. It seems like my eyes get worse year after year.
- Not to worry. Packed with beta carotene and Vitamin A, carrot cake will take care of that.

- How do you mend a broken heart?
- Chocolate cake. 'nuff said.

If only! Instead, the harsh reality is that cake rarely makes it on doctors' lists of endorsed foods. I often hear about fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats, but where's the love for the tortes, chiffons, and bundts? And what on earth do doctors eat on their birthdays? Carrot sticks?

Well, it looks like they have their cake and eat it too. And they'll tell you: moderation is key. That's why med school student Joseph requested a cake with which to celebrate his friend and classmate's birthday -- this one:

Dark chocolate, Kahlua-spiked cake generously frosted with rich Bailey's cream cheese frosting -- this cake that my assistant cheerfully nicknamed "The Doctor's Orders" was garnished with Kahlua-dipped lady fingers and fresh strawberry halves.

Thanks, Jojo -- we hope you and the other budding doctors enjoyed a great celebration, and that your friend had a very happy birthday! Cheers to exercise, a healthy diet, and the occasional 400-calorie slice ;)

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swallow said...

that looks so deliciously beautiful. :D~