Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Spiked the Coffee?

I did! ::guiltlessly raises imaginary hand::
All for my latest customer, Andrew, who wanted something special for his girlfriend's birthday. He made a specific request for Jack Daniel's, her favorite liquor, and my brain was sent spinning with possibilities: "Should I go with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes straight off my cocktail cake menu or something custom, like a Jack and Coke (oh, the prospect of making a fizzy frosting!) or Apple Jack (paper thin apple slices would make such a unique and pretty garnish...)?"

And in my excitement over the possibilities, I got a little stuck...that is, until my assistant, who works with Andrew (yes, she has a day job), told me that he's almost always armed with a cup of coffee. And with that, I knew I had the perfect cake that both he and his girlfriend could enjoy:

Presenting, the Midnight Mocha:
A dark chocolate layer cake infused with Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, filled and topped with a creamy Bailey's Irish Cream frosting, surrounded by coffee cream pirouette cookies, and garnished with chocolate-covered espresso beans.
Why call it "Midnight Mocha"? Well, this isn't exactly the kind of coffee cake you want to start your day with. This chocolate and coffee combo is something you want to melt into the night with, so kick off your shoes, indulge, and have a very happy birthday, Katie!

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