Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I Only Look Sweet and Innocent..."

should be the motto of this cake:
You know that tough, beefy biker sitting at the corner of the bar who looks all sorts of intimidating until you see a heart-shaped tattoo stamped on his tricep with three bolded letters: M-O-M? Well, consider this cake the complete opposite of someone who's tough on the outside but sugary sweet on the inside. This strawberry-topped cutie knows how to pack a wallop! If you dive in expecting cheesecake or strawberry cream, think again.
This is a rum cake. And not just any kind of rum. It's hard to the core with Captain Morgan's Tattoo--a very dark Puerto Rican rum infused with spices to give it a bold, licoricey kick. Aaron requested a birthday cake for his roommate featuring his favorite liquor and strawberries, and I was happy to oblige with what I like to call the Strawberry Tattoo--the cake that bites back.
Underneath this sweet, harmless exterior are two layers of buttery rum cake and a filling of freshly sliced strawberries and crumbled chocolate wafers. The cake is frosted with a strong rum buttercream, padded with more crushed chocolate wafers, and topped with fresh strawberry halves for that wholesome, "bakery-next-door" look.
Here it is taken with flash. Aaron, I hope your roommate had a happy birthday and that you both (and all your partygoers) enjoyed the cake!

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Charles said...

That frosting looks so delicious!