Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playing in the Mud

Ahh, who knew that the combination of dirt and water could offer so many youthful indulgences, from packing mud pies in a cozy garden corner in the summertime to running up a hill in the rain and sliding down at full speed on an old piece of cardboard? Some of us have outgrown these antics and others who are, well, imaginary like I am simply haven't had the pleasure--but one thing's certain: mud has no place in the kitchen.

Well, not unless you're thinking chocolately mud pies, marshmallowy Mississippi Mud cakes, or milkshakey, oh-so-decadent mudslide cocktails. In those cases, bring in the mud by the bucketful, please!

Linh-Chi must've shared this sentiment when she ordered a batch of Mudslide Cupcakes for an office celebration. Kahlua? Check. Bailey's? Check. Vodka? Check (and Grey Goose at that!). Mud?, but let's settle for chocolate and lots of it.
Why, hello cupcake!
What we have here is a dark chocolate cupcake infused with Grey Goose vodka and Kahlua coffee liqueur, topped with Bailey's buttercream and a pirouette cookie "straw."
Some were left unadorned, others were topped with a chocolate-covered espresso bean to really bring out the coffee flavors of the cupcakes...
and still others were drizzled with melted dark chocolate for some added oomph.
Thanks, Linh-Chi, for ordering! Happy mudsliding to you and your coworkers :)

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linhchi said...

These were really awesome; everyone loved them! Thanks so much Therese!