Thursday, August 27, 2009

Champagne and Cupcakes

What a perfect combination. My assistant came back from a day trip to Napa, enamored with the bubbles and oysters she indulged in at Domaine Chandon -- a touristy winery known for its California sparkling wines. With champagne grapes in season, I was inspired to whip up a test batch of champagne cupcakes, which my assistant happily took on a spontaneous outdoor photoshoot. Champagne, cupcakes, and sunshine -- what's not to love?
Because I'm all for alliteration, I'll call this the Chic Champagne Chiffon cupcake: a fluffy chiffon cupcake flavored with vanilla and champagne, topped with a cloud of champagne buttercream and a small cluster of champagne grapes on top.
What's missing from this photoshoot? A chilled, sparkling glass of bubbly. Clearly!
Well, this lucky cupcake got the star treatment: a fancy ribbon bow, fresh air, a bit of first-class travel atop a fancy plate... Its comrades weren't as lucky, as they were quickly gobbled up by champagne and cupcake enthusiasts.

Cheers to enjoying these last days of summer, from the warm air and sunshine to all those beautiful, sun-ripened summer fruits and berries that'll be gone before we know it. So enjoy 'em while they last! Clink.

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