Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So, about last night...

It happened! You may have seen my assistant T on TV last night competing on Cupcake Wars (and if you didn't, the episode will re-air on Sunday and next Wednesday on the Food Network, so read no further, as spoilers follow). And you're probably wondering: What was she thinking?

Well, a couple of things:
  • This is our chance to make something epic that the world has never seen before
  • We've made bacon cupcakes before with great results - hot dogs can't be that far off! (wrong)
  • Go big or go home!
Annnd, she went home. But that's okay! I'm so proud of her and Karen for making it on to the show - a huge win for amateur bakers and aspiring bakery owners. And while I would have loved to compete myself (have I ever told you how hard it is to get onto reality TV when you're imaginary?), it was so exciting to see the girls on TV baking their hearts out.

The most disappointing part of it all was that T didn't have a chance to show what we can really do here at Carrie Cakeaway. So take a look around. No frills, no frankfurters (we promise) -- just delicious cupcakes with super tasty frostings, a sense of adventure, and a splash of bourbon here and there.

Please continue to support us by liking us on Facebook and stay tuned for our latest creations! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode.

Be frank. And let the hot dog puns begin.


maidenhair said...

how can i watch if i have no tv?!? :(

Joy said...

The cola drizzle was a really cute touch! Your cupcakes have played a huge role in many of the showers and parties that I have been to and I know they're tasty.

swallow said...

Someone with your passion in making such wonderful pastries really do deserve to have her very own store. :D I'm very proud of you. Assistant T needs to share the taping.

nanabuuui said...

It must have been quite the experience! I hope you had an enjoyable time on the show. I am looking forward to stalking your blog and drooling over your cupcake pictures ^___^