Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So far, most of my customers have been gentlemen buying cakes for their girlfriends, be it for her birthday or for Valentine's Day. (Note: I'm really fighting the urge to throw in that old cliche, "Sweets for the sweet" right now. Fighting. But I guess that's what happens during a holiday of bright red and pink decor, Pepto-Bismol-tasting conversation hearts, and all sorts of cloyingly cute and cheesy Valentine's messages from "Bee Mine...bzzz buzzz" to "I love you beary much." Oh my...)

Well, the tables have turned, and I've had a couple of great girls treat their boyfriends to some truly special Valentine's Day specials.

Like my very first cupcake order! Li-Ming and Tina both agreed to a Valentine's Day spending cap this year with their boyfriends, and ordered a batch of Carrie's Custom Cupcakes, accordingly:
Left half: chocolate whiskey cupcakes topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting and either a dark chocolate-covered espresso bean or chocolate shavings and a coffee cream pirouette cookie
Right half: chocolate whiskey cupcakes topped with white chocolate ganache and fresh strawberry halves

Cupcakes are the current superstars of the bakery world, with cupcakeries sprouting all over the place. Whether it's the link to childhood memories, the generous frosting-to-cake ratio, the perfectly petite serving size, or the fact that they're just so gosh darn cute, cupcakes seem to be winning hearts everywhere.

Ladies, I certainly hope these cupcakes won your hearts...and your boyfriends' too!

And Nikki put in the only official order for Carrie's Valentine's Day special. So as a thank you, I spruced up her cake a notch, and decorated with more than just chocolate-covered strawberries.

Presenting, Carrie's Valentine's Day SUPER Special:
A dark chocolate whiskey cake with an outer ring of Bailey's buttercream swirls and an inner starburst of white chocolate ganache, topped off with fresh strawberry halves.
Thanks again for your orders, ladies. Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovebirds out there, and cheers to all the sassy singles. Clink.

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Jessica Lee (Jelly) said...

Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Your cakes are beautiful, and I like how each one is made personal through your blogging on ingredients, the people involved, etc. Can I ask, why the anonymity?