Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cocktail cake challenge

So if you've been following this blog, you'll know that many of my creations pack a slightly naughty punch, spiked with spirits, liqueurs, wines, and even champagne. In particular, I pride myself on my cocktail cakes customized to taste just like their namesakes. Whether it's a stiff Manhattan or sweet Lycheetini, creamy Mudslide or fruity Margarita, no cocktail lacks the potential to be transformed into layer cake and cupcake form. Imagine my surprise when Karen requested a birthday cake for her roommate, Carolyn, that had me stumped for the very first time -- a cake inspired by the Amaretto Sour.

Yikes! I needed to blend the robust almond flavor of Amaretto with the tartness of Sweet and Sour mix without ending up with something tasting like it had far too much going on or, worse yet, had gone bad altogether! I was concerned that the nutty almond and tart lemon flavors would compete against rather than complement each other, and so chose to highlight these flavors in separate components of the cake. Boy, am I glad I did because I feel confident calling this Amaretto Sour Cake a big, boozy success tasting true to its namesake:
Here we have two cake layers rich with almond flavor (and we wouldn't expect any less with our healthy pour of Disaronno Amaretto), filled with sweet and sour lemon custard, and frosted with a tangy cream cheese frosting flavored with pure almond extract and more Disaronno. Thin almond slices were toasted in the oven to bring out their essential oils and nutty flavor before being pressed against the sides of the cake. And what Amaretto Sour would be complete without a maraschino cherry? Or sixteen...
Take a bite and you'll find yourself sipping on an Amaretto Sour, with almondy, sweet, and sour flavors blending in harmony -- but don't forget to chew!
Thanks, Karen, for ordering. I hope Carolyn had a happy birthday and that everyone enjoyed the cake!

And a friendly reminder to all: Ditch those steins and shotglasses and bring out the forks and plates because Carrie Cakeaway, your friendly cake bartender, is at your service ;)

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karne said...

such an awesome/yummy/creative cake! =) seriously, everyone was raving about it! i remember telling u her fav drink was amaretto sour and u were like..hmmm interesting haha.. but it turned out great! thanks again therese! =)